There is a path in the Maira Valley, in San Michele di Prazzo, which is a real treasure to be discovered. The beautiful wooden statues made with passion and craftsmanship by the sculptor Barba Brisiu inhabit it.

The route was constructed following an ancient irrigation canal that dates back to 1400 and was used until the first years of the 70’s. We recommend this path for families with children, schoolchildren and dreamers of any age.

The point of departure is located in the hamlet Borgata Chiesa, in San Michele di Prazzo. Just park your car here and enter the magic of ancient times.

Follow the path in direction of Borgata Castiglione (1470 m. ASL), the most ancient hamlet of San Michele, notable for its unusual local architecture: round columns, stone carved gates and covered passageways.
In this hamlet, forges and mills used to be situated behind the torrent. Luckily, along the path, you can still admire one of these mills, a witness of a hard-working past.

According to the tradition, Saint Ludovico Allemandi (1382 – 1450), archbishop of Arles was born in this hamlet.
After walking for an hour and a half, you will reach Borgata Chiotto (1284 m. ASL), a plateau rich in fruit trees, especially a curious variety of pears called butos that, according to the oral tradition, were brought here by Spanish soldiers.
At the times and until the first half of the 1900s, delicious cider was produced in this hamlet.

In Borgata Chiotto you will also find the chapel of the Madonna Immacolata and the museum Osvaldo Einaudi, dedicated to the First World War.

Walking in direction of Borgata Rabiera our track joins the well-known hemp path and you may then come back to Borgata Chiesa.