Church of San Michele
Naturalistic path

This ring route allows you to in contact with nature through many different microenvironments, from woods with sparse larches and dense fir trees, to prairies and rock walls until Genestè. The second part of this path runs through barren prairies where splendid Scots pine trees stand out against the landscape; particularly interesting is the seasonal blooming of brooms, snowy mespilus, lavender and dog roses.
The path often offers the opportunity to spot different species of territorial wild animals: roe deers, deers, chamois, goshawks, golden eagles and bearded vultures.

Ring route: Borgata Allemandi – Colle Ruvera – Borgata San Vittore – Borgata Castelli – Borgata Allemandi
Lowest altitude: 1480 m. ASL
Highest altitude: 1545 m. ASL
Average walking time: almost 2 hours
Difficulty: easy (we recommend to be extremely careful in some exposed points)
Recommended period: from spring to autumn
Signs: yellow marks and vertical wooden signs with yellow writings
Sites of interest linked to the path theme:
Allemandi-Colle Ruvera section: panorama over the Maira Valley / downhill between plants of brooms, lavender and Scots pine trees.
Colle Ruvera: stone walls built by the inhabitants of San Michele for the storage of beech wood / rural construction with an adjoining stone wall oven set known as “Granjo ‘d Mundin ‘d Roc”
Borgatata San Vittore: panoramic viewpoint near the chapel on the top of a rock.

Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoes
The unspoiled landscape and its silence make this area a real paradise for winter sports and excursions with snow-rackets.
The snow-covered tops will host the most enthusiastic excursionists about downhill skiing while those who prefer cross-country skiing will rather choose the track that stretches between Ponte Marmora and Chiappera, starting in Prazzo.
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