Inn, bar, local shop


Inside the historical building of San Michele di Prazzo, surrounded by the frescoes depicting King Vittorio Emanuele II, general La Marmora and Camillo Benso, count of Cavour, you can taste traditional Piedmontese and Occitan dishes.

Our inn favours authentic and fresh recipes, and carefully selects the local agricultural products in order to enhance the biodiversity of the Maira Valley.

Our culinary suggestions vary from fixed-price to tailor-made menus, and à la carte menus. Every dish can be enriched by a large selection of wine labels satisfying even the most demanding palates.



A bit hungry?

Back from your excursion, stop at the bar for a craft beer, a drink, an ice-cream or some sweet and salted snacks to enjoy a traditional meal, a merenda sinoira, in good company.

The Boutego

Next to the bar, you can buy essential goods and local products from the Maira Valley, such as:
• Bread from the Bakery of the High Maira Valley (Prazzo)
• Cookies from the Cavanna mill (Dronero)
• Cheese and butter from the dairy factories of the surrounding valleys
• Organic honey (Macra)
• Spirits from Alquimio d’oc (San Michele di Prazzo)
• Organic vegetables that come mostly from our vegetable garden.

You can order and pick up your groceries at the shop.