B&B and Upscale House


800 metres from the restaurant, in the heart of the hamlet called Borgata Villa, in an old and renovated barn, there are four rooms with ensuite bathroom.

Inside the building you may want to enjoy the peace of the relax room, sipping a tea or a drink, reading a book or surfing the Net so as to discover a new itinerary for your excursions.

Outside you will find a sunbathing area, a private parking and a garage to house your sports equipment.

Upscale House

You can stay in a refined residence dating from the XVI century, situated next to the B&B.
The two double rooms, with ensuite bathroom, were slightly renovated in order to preserve their ancient character. You will admire the frescoes and experience a bit of a return to the past.
At the end of the long corridor you will find the notary’s kitchen, nestled in stone and wood, and embraced by the mountains. What better way to kick off the day than with our suggestions for a rich breakfast?